To extend or not to extend….?

One thing I have been asked about on a couple of occasions recently is the subject of property extensions. In particular – what kind of value will an extra bedroom and reception room add to a property and how much will it cost?  Well the basic rule of thumb in terms of expense is that you will spend approximately £1000 per square metre which includes the basic plumbing and electrical work. A double storey extension does not usually cost twice as much, as the foundations are obviously already laid. On top of that there are the usual fees in respect of any planning permission required.

The level of value which will be added obviously depends on the size and finish of the work carried out. The main thing to remember is that, unless you are extending your property purely for your own enjoyment and do not intend on selling in the future, the amount that you spend must be proportionate to the financial gain. You may think that converting your home from a three to a four bedroom property will place it in the same price bracket as other existing four bedroom houses on the market – but this is not automatically the case. A semi detached property within a built up area will rarely rival a detached property in a more rural location – regardless of the amount square footage on offer.

My advice, when it comes to extensions, is to do your research beforehand. Look at what you are actually achieving and ask yourself “should I add to my existing home, or simply look to buy something bigger?”

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