What should you expect…?

This week I was not surprised to learn that Estate Agents have once again made it into the top 10 list of most disliked professionals in the U.K, being beaten only by traffic wardens and bouncers!  Also up there are bus drivers, footballers, tele-sales reps, people who work in PR, politicians, and anyone who takes part in reality TV shows, so we are amongst good company!! I guess this deep-rooted disdain comes from the fact that traditionally Estate Agencies have charged too much and delivered too little, and so often I hear from people who are currently on the market and not happy with the service they are receiving.  Consequently, I feel compelled to make everyone aware of what you should be getting for the commission you are paying: –

  • Lots of high quality photos put into a full brochure which shows off the best bits of your home. This gives prospective buyers a really good insight into what your property consists of.  A lack of photos often makes people wonder “what is wrong with the parts we can’t see?”
  • A floor plan which illustrates not only the dimensions of your rooms, but also the layout of your kitchen and bathroom(s). This puts room sizes in perspective, and allows viewers to visualise their own furniture in your property.
  • An accurate description which does not exaggerate or mislead potential buyers. Whilst the positive aspects must be brought to the forefront, it is important that people are not given the wrong impression as it will be a waste of your time if viewings are arranged, only for the viewer to be disappointed.
  • An attentive and flexible agent who is available 7 days a week. As most people work during the week, weekends are the ideal time for viewings to be conducted. If you are not comfortable showing people around yourself, your agent should be happy to do this for you, at a time convenient for both yourself and the buyer(s).
  • Feedback and communication. These are two of the most important parts of the service. For every person who views, you should expect to receive prompt feedback which will help you gauge whether there is anything you could do to improve your home. Once an offer has been accepted, your Agent should also help you negotiate any ongoing purchase, as well as remaining in close contact throughout the transaction.
  • A no sale, no fee agreement. Until your house sells, you should not be required to pay anything to your agent. This no up-front fees or fees for withdrawing your property if your circumstances change.

At Barker Healey Property, all of the above and much more is available for just 1% of the sale price with NO VAT. Combine this with the first class, bespoke service which you will receive and slowly we may just change people’s perception of Estate Agents!

Call Louise or Marion NOW for a free, no obligation valuation – 01952 813625.

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